Past Winners

OCEANS 2018 Charleston
First Place
Joshua Mangelson, University of Michigan

Communication Constrained Trajectory Alignment For Multi-Agent Inspection via Linear Programming

Second Place
Dheepak Nand Kishore Khatri, North Carolina State University

Investigation of a Novel Approach for Ocean Current Power Generation: The Inclined-Axis Coaxial Turbine

Third Place
Sara Cardigos, University of Aveiro

Using LAUVs in highly dynamic environments: influence of the tidal estuarine outflow in the thermocline structure

OCEANS 2018 Kobe
First Place
Jin Wei Lim, University of Southampton

Automated Interpretation of Seafloor Visual Maps Obtained using Underwater Robots

Second Place
Eduard Vidal, Universitat de Girona

Online Robotic Exploration for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in Unstructured Environments

Third Place
Mitchell Borg, University of Strathclyde

Numerical Analysis of a Ducted High-Solidity Tidal Turbine

OCEANS 2017 Anchorage
First Place
Kaitlyn Morgan, Clemson University

Higher Order Bessel Beams Integrated in Time (HOBBIT) for Free Space Underwater Sensing and Communication

Second Place
Arnold Kalmbach, McGill University

Learning Seasonal Phytoplankton Communities with Topic Models

Third Place
Zhuoyuan Song, University of Florida

Cooperative Mid-Depth Navigation Aided by Ocean Current Prediction

OCEANS 2017 Aberdeen
First Place
Klemen Istenic, University of Girona

Mission-time 3D Reconstruction with Quality Estimation

Second Place
Bilal Wehbe, DFKI - Robotics Innovation Cente

Learning Coupled Dynamic Models of Underwater Vehicles using Support Vector Regression

Third Place
Habib Mirhedayati Roudsari, Dalhousie University

Channel Model for Wideband Time-Varying Underwater Acoustic Systems

OCEANS'16 Monterey
First Place
Joshua Baghdady, Clemson University

Underwater optical communication link using Orbital Angular Momentum Space-Division Multiplexing

Second Place
Mohammad Haghighat, University of Miami

Segmentation, Classification and Modeling of Two-Dimensional Forward-Scan Sonar Imagery for Efficient Coding and Synthesis

Third Place
Yue Ma, Memorial University of Newfoundland

First-Order High Frequency Radar Ocean Surface Cross Section Incorporating


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